Monday, December 29, 2008

Kids Say The Darndest Things

On the way home from church on Christmas Eve, Ian was talking about Santa. He has really enjoyed this season. Out of the blue....

"Hey Mommy....Santa is in our hearts, just like Jesus, right?"

I couldn't answer him because I had this big lump in my throat and tears streaming down my cheeks.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry, Merry Christmas!!!! This has probably been the best and most exhausting Christmas ever. But...I wouldn't change a thing. I'll post more this weekend, but I wanted to share my new favorite picture of my sweet angels. These two amazing little guys light up our world in ways that just cannot be imagined. Truly...blessings from above.

Merry Christmas to all....and to all a good night.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Parades and Christmas Lights

Last night, we took the boys to the Christmas Parade in Downtown Tulsa. We actually were supposed to be working the hot chocolate booth at FBC, but with 2 very active boys...I don't know what we were thinking. We didn't do much work. We made it until the parade started, saw a couple of floats and bands...then we decided to make a mad dash to the car. Afterwards we visited Rhema to see the beautiful Christmas light display. It was a perfect evening. A little chilly, but not too bad. I'm so glad we did it yesterday. Today, it was 75 degrees early in the day...then the bottom fell out. It's 22 degrees right now and it's sleeting. Tomorrow morning should be interesting.

Monday, December 8, 2008

More Shameless Cuteness

The boys are really in to Yo Gabba Gabba these days. I laugh at them when we watch the show more than the show itself. For adults...the show is one of those that you love to hate. Drives me crazy, but my kids love it. One of the segments is called "Funny Face Time" both boys are constantly trying to show us their "funny faces". That's what Drew is trying to do with his little hands on his face. Cute! There is also a segment on the show called "Dancy Dance Time"....again....both boys love it. Drew shakes his little booty and Ian dances around like a monkey (at least I think that's what it is).
The picture of looking ever so innocent by the Christmas tree was right before he pulled 5 ornaments off and made a mad dash with them in the dump truck. Ian said "Mommy, let's put them up WAY high so Drew can't get them. That's a good idea, right?" Such a smart boy. So, now the bottom third of my tree looks a bit bare and the top is VERY crowded. But, I'm loving this season with my boys. So much fun. Charlie may disagree since he's home with them all day...but it's sure fun looking at Christmas through their eyes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Oh my...she's got the camera out again...

Drew, well...being Drew....

Cutie pie Drew

Ever so careful Ian (for a change)

Sweet, goofy Ian

Brothers...gotta love the tooth brush
Look at all of these shiny balls...YAY!
Ian helping decorate the tree
Mommy and her just doesn't get much better!