Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 is in the books. What a wonderful season it's been. We had a great Christmas. Although, for the first time ever, Tulsa had a blizzard warning on Christmas Eve. We had lots of snow and lots of blowing snow. Lots of sleet, rain and ice. Christmas Eve was pretty miserable outside, but inside we were snug as a bug. We had lots of fun making cookie for Santa and getting ready for Santa's visit. Our church services, like most of Tulsa churches, were canceled. This was really strange for us. We LOVE our Christmas Eve candlelight service. The boys went to bed around 8:30pm. Ian was a little concerned that Santa might take our plate that the cookies were on, but I reassured him that Santa would leave the plate and just eat the cookies.

Ian woke up at 5am, but I convinced him that he needed to stay in bed a little while longer. So, at 6:15am he had all he could handle. He was ready to get up and nothing was stopping him. We woke Drew up (which is not a fun thing to do) and headed to the living room to see if Santa had stopped by. Then the madness ensued. Drew had a great time this year and Ian always enjoys Christmas. Ian had asked Santa for a guitar and he was thrilled to see that Santa had listened. He also got a big boy bike....and he was SO excited. Of course, with 8 inches of snow outside, he had to ride it in the kitchen (for now). After all of the presents were opened...they played and played with their new stuff. Ian serenaded us several times with his guitar. Drew even got in on the action.

After lunch and a nap, we headed outside to play in the snow. Ian is fearless and just jumped right in. Drew is not so brave. He played for a few minutes and then said "I keared" (I'm scared). So I took him back inside. Ian played outside with Charlie for a while longer.

We are so blessed. We had a great Christmas. After all of the festivities and presents and mayhem....we still remember the real reason for Christmas. "For unto us a child is born"....that child would be our Saviour and King. I pray that your holiday season was filled with lots of fun, family, friends and love. Enjoy the pictures of the Conner Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Cricket

It's hard to believe that it's almost Christmas. Where has the year gone? We've been busy throughout the season, but not so much that we haven't had time to enjoy it. Thankfully, we've all been well.
Ian continues to just be a rowdy, inquisitive 4 year old. He still asks tons of questions and talks ALL the time. He's having lots of fun at school, especially with his friends Sazel (just like Hazel, but with a S) and Ian H. We hear about them everyday. Yesterday he kept saying a new word..."ridicnified"....a combination of ridiculous and dignified. When I asked Ian what the word means he said "it's something important Mommy". Who knows. He's looking forward to Christmas this year. He hasn't asked for much, only little toy bicycle that he saw in a Target flyer about 2 months ago. The new favorite movie in our house is The Polar Express. Both boys love it, but Ian especially does. He has had 2 Christmas at Church and one at School. He didn't sing during the "Quids Choir" (aka Kids Choir) performance at church. He sat down and played with his motorcycle. Note to toys in church. For his school performance, he did very well. He sang and did most of the hand motions. We visited Rhema to see the Christmas lights on Friday night and took the opportunity to visit Santa while we were there. Ian of course had to ask him where his sleigh was.
Drew is growing up way too fast. With the second child, I find myself wanting him to stay a baby just a little while longer. He's talking more and more (when he gets a chance). His favorite questions are "what color" and "why". He'll ask "what color" and then tell us himself. He has been so much fun this Christmas season. He LOVES the "Cricket Tree" (Christmas tree) and the "Cricket" lights. When he sees the lights he'll yell "I see nother one". The first time he did this, the boys and I were in the car coming home from parents night out at church. Every time we passed Christmas lights, that's what I heard. It was so much fun. When we went to Rhema this past Friday evening, his little mouth was open and he looked around and of course said "I see nother one". He wasn't so sure about Santa, but he didn't cry this year. He had fun at Ian's Christmas program at school. Of course while the principal was praying to open the program, I guess Drew thought the prayer was a little too long....about mid way through....with quiet all around us...Drew said "Amen". Christmas morning is going to be so much fun for him this year.
Charlie and I are doing well. We both have jobs and in this economy, that's something to be thankful for. I'm off work all week this week and I'm so looking forward to it. I'm hoping to do a little baking and get all of the presents wrapped before Thursday. Charlie has to work Christmas Eve (overnight shift). I'm praying I can keep Ian in bed until Charlie get home at 8am.
We are so blessed to have our two boys....they bring so much joy to our lives. Watching them begin to understand the real Christmas story is so touching. Merry Christmas everyone.