Saturday, March 21, 2009

Handsome Ian

Ian will be four on Tuesday, the 24th. These are his birthday pictures for this year. He's such a handsome little guy....and yes, I'm sure I'm a bit biased...but a momma's allowed.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Tonight Ian surprised me, yet again, by one of his enlightening conversations. We were sitting in the living room enjoying our evening. Drew was playing and running around. Ian was sitting beside me enjoying some apple juice. Out of the blue....completely...out of the blue...

"Mommy, the next time you go to Vietnam to get a baby brother, I'm going with you".

I know I must have had a shocked look on my face. Where in the world did this come from? Who even thought he'd actually remember us going to Vietnam and leaving him here?

I said "Ian, we're not going to Vietnam any time soon and we're not going to get any more babies."

His eyes widened and he smiled from ear to ear and said "So we're only getting one baby? For real mommy?"

Astonished, I said "yes, Drew is the only other baby we're going to get"

Ian looked over at Drew and said "Did you hear that Drew...we're not having any more babies".

Honestly, I am floored sometimes by the way his little mind works. It bothers me to think that he may have been dwelling on the fact that we'd leave him again to go get another baby. He had a hard time while we were gone, but he loves Marcia and Bill so much. I'm reminded quite often that Marcia is the "good Mommy" and I'm the "bad Mommy." He's such a little stinker sometimes. I do love my Ian though.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Smiles and No Smiles

Today was picture day for the boys. We had Ian's birthday pictures taken this morning. He has such a GREAT smile. It's hard to get a bad picture of him Except, of course, when he's making crazy, funny face or looking away from the camera. We had his gorgeous outfit from India and he looked stunning. Such a handsome little guy. Hey...I'm his momma...indulge me.

This afternoon we took the boys to have their Easter pictures taken with live bunnies. Both boys did great with the bunnies. They were very gentle with them. Ian smiled and did great. Drew did fine...but no smiles. Why is it that this little guy will not smile for pictures? He's cute as a button in the pictures but has this oh so serious look. After the camera is put away, he's all smiles. When we get the pics, I'll scan a few and post them.

Maybe someday we'll get a picture with BOTH boys smiling. We did get one that is just so their personalities. Ian his "hugging" Drew...He looks like he's choking him from behind and Drew looks like he's trying to get away. So much like what we see on a daily basis. Guess we want the pictures to look natural, right? :)

After pictures, my knee had just about had it. So we made a quick run to Target and came home so I could elevate my knee. I'm so ready for this pain to be over. Surgery is schedule for Thursday morning. For those that don't know, I have a torn meniscus in my left knee. We're doing arthroscopic surgery on Thursday to repair it. I'll be home for a few days, but back to work the following Monday.'s bedtime. Nite, nite!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

20 Months Old

Today our little guy is 20 months old. Hard to believe that we've been home for 7 months now. He's changed so much in that time. He's a handful..but a charmer. We're so blessed!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Post Placements Complete

Today we had our final post placement visit. Woo, Hoo!! Except for the re-finalization...we're DONE. Because we live so close to the Dillon office, we did our final visit there. Drew did amazingly well. He's such the little charmer.

Now we'll wait for Rebecca to type up the reports and then we'll file the petition to re-finalize and then he'll officially become Drew Austin Quang Conner. It's a good feeling to know we're close to the end.

Rebecca asked us today if we were going to do it again....and at the same time Charlie and I both said "NO...WE'RE DONE". Our family is complete with our two amazing little boys.'s an interesting tid bit. I looked back at our timeline and we submitted Application Part One to Dillon on March 6, 2007. So...we're finished almost exactly 2 years to the date later. Hmmm......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Talking, talking, talking

It's never quiet at my house when the boys are awake. Ian is a TALKER. He loves to ask question after question. He's constantly coming up with something to say. Drew is starting to talk a little more. Of course, as Charlie reminded me, he doesn't have much of a chance since Ian talks all the time.

Some of my favorite moments recently with Ian.....

When he was sick last week...

Ian: Hey mommy...what's my sick called?
Me: What Ian?
Ian: What's my sick called?
Me: Ian, I don't understand. What are you talking about?
Ian: (in a very frustrated tone of voice)...Mommy, I'm SICK...what's it called?

Driving home from work and daycare the other day....

Ian: Hey mommy.
Me: Yes Ian.
Ian: Mommy you know what? I love you.

Then of course, now there's Drew. When he sees me...he laughs and giggles and runs toward me. Then I hear "uppa, uppa, uppa". He tries hard to say Ian...but it comes out "EEEEE....NA"....ok, close enough. When I changed his diaper last night I said "oooo, yuck". He flashed that sweet smile and said "oooo, guck".

I love my vocal little men. While it's never quiet....I love the sound of my boys. Warms this mommy's heart.