Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Thought I might need to clarify my last post. We celebrate all kinds of "Days" in our house. The big day....in my opinion...is coming up in February.

Referral Day (Ian) - September 7, 2005
GOTCHA Day (Ian) - February 17, 2006
Adoption Day (Adoption Finalization) - January 19, 2007

Referral Day (Drew) - October 5, 2007
Meetcha Day (Drew) - July 29, 2008 (not sure we'll celebrate this, but we'll always remember it)
GOTCHA Day (Drew) - July 31, 2008
Adoption Day (Re-finalization) - ?????

The big difference between the two is that Drew's adoption was final in Vietnam and Ian's was not final in India. We will re-finalize Drew's and make the official name change as soon as we finish our post placement visits (which should be very soon). Ian's was not final until after the post placement visits and the court date here in the US. Crazy, huh?

Plus we have birthdays and all that other fun stuff. It's a big party in our house. But...with 2 boys that we waited forever for....the celebrations should continue.


Anonymous said...

Happy Adoption Day to Ian! What a cutie pie! Love the blue smile from Drew.Keep those celebrations going!

Annie H. said...

party on!!!!

Kim said...

Amen...you waited too long NOT to celebrate!

Heather said...

It's really fun to celebrate all of their special days. As they get older, it really helps them to identify with their own special "time-line". We just did a school project & it really got me thinking about this too!

Have fun partying!
Heather M.