Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Allergies and Ear Infections

All I can say is YUCK! Poor little Drew...he has another ear infection. He hasn't been sleeping well and he's been running a fever. In addition...he's coughing and hacking a lot. Charlie took him to the doctor this morning and he's on another round of antibiotics and now on Zyrtec for allergies (seasonal). He's been pretty miserable for almost a week now. Which makes for a miserable mommy too. Hopefully he'll sleep better tonight and I'll sleep some too. My sweet little's so hard to see him sick.

Even being sick, he still has lots of fun. His new thing is putting toys away and running over with his little hand high in the air and saying "high fibe". He does it 20 times an evening. He's also repeating anything you ask him to say (or at least trying to). Anything that moves, be it a bee, bug, ant, butterfly....whatever...they're all "bugs". He's making animal sounds...the cutest being the quack of a duck. Not so much the sound, but the "wing" movement he has going on. He'll say "quack, quack, quack" and flap his little arms like a duck. Cutest thing. This morning we had our first shoving match...not much of a match though. Ian was trying to block Drew's sweet, innocent, little Drew...shoved him down. Ian was shocked. He looked up at me and said "mommy, he pushed me down". Drew just went about his merry way. Ian tried to block his way again, Drew tried to push him again, Ian pushed back...Drew just moved around him to the other side. I had to turn my back and giggle. I probably should have stopped it...but it all happened so fast and I had to laugh.

The weather is gorgeous here right now. 88 degrees today in Tulsa. Hopefully we get some good weather for the weekend. Maybe Drew will be feeling lots better by then.


Julie & Patrick said...

So sorry that poor Drew is struggling with ear infections. No fun for anyone, for sure.

Sounds like the honeymoon is over and now the boys are going to be boys. Guess that means mommy has to be a bit more on her toes :) Gladly, I'm sure.

Julie R

Heather said...

Hope little one is feeling better now...ear infections are NO fun! Sounds like a pretty weekend in store for you's supposed to rain here today & off & on for the next week! Ick! Our boys fuss too, but the bond is there; they will be great friends most of the time. Enjoy your boys...they grow up so fast!

Heather M.

ColleenC said...

Hope the little guy feels better! I would probably giggle too! Boys- gotta love 'em!

Willis said...

We've been sick here in GA, too. Those allergies are getting the best of us. Hope Drew feels better soon!