Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Counting and Other Drew Stuff

Drew has been "counting" for a while now. Usually he points to things and says "2...5...6". Well tonight, Mr. Smarty was sitting on my lap and pointed to the tires on a little car and said "1...2...3"....and then he repeated it "1....2....3". So cute.

This child is going to be my child that ends up in the emergency room with broken bones or gashes or something else. He has no fear. He jumps, climbs, rolls, name it...he tries it. His gross motor skills amaze me. He thinks he can do everything that Ian does...and more. If he can't reach something, he goes in the kitchen, gets his little chair from his little table and carries it with him so he can climb up and get whatever it is he wants (usually things he is not supposed to have). My hiding places are getting higher and higher. Poor little guy...I swear I still think he thinks his name is "Drew....No." Hopefully we'll get through this climbing / dare devil stage without any major injuries.


Valerie said...

Maybe it will surprise you and be the opposite of what you think. In our case, my little Henry who is usually quite apprehensive and NOT the daredevil ended up with the broken elbow, a hospital stay, surgery, and all at the age of 4! Hopefully he'll just keep you on your toes at the worst. :)

Julie & Patrick said...

Guess that is why God gives most kids a little extra pudge to cushion the blows!!

And there is always the hair dye to rid ourselves of the gray hairs these daredevils bring out in us mommas!!

Julie R

Julie said...

I'm thinking I just need to start hanging things from the ceiling. We are already on our second set of locks for a lot of the cabinets. Bennett figured out the other ones.

Good luck!!!