Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's Happening?

It's been too long since I've updated the blog. Bad mommy, bad mommy.
We're all doing great. Typical fall allergy stuff going around our house, but for the most part pretty healthy.
Let's start with Drew. He's growing and changing so much. He has the sweetest little personality. Whenever I give him matter what it is...he sweetly says "tank you mommy". I got umbrellas for the boys a couple of weeks ago. You would have thought I gave Drew the moon. No less that 15 times in an hour he said "tank you mommy". He also has quite the little temper. He can get SO angry when we don't understand what he wants or, heaven forbid don't give him what he wants. He's still our little drama boy. Sometimes when he's in the midst of one of his little fits, he'll open one little eye to see if we're watching him. Such a little stinker. He loves going to "school". He goes 3 days a week and when it's time for him to go on Wednesdays he gets so excited to see "Hawly" (Holly). He's a good sleeper for the most part. He does much better when Charlie's home. Daddy's a no non-sense kinda guy. Mommy's a little softer and he knows it. If he says "nigh, nigh"...then he'll go right to sleep. If not, then I have a problem usually. Not many nights though. He loves his crib and his"bankie". The past few nights when I've said "Drew, it's time for bed, " he'll say "I drink milk". He sits down and drinks his milk. He's talking more and more. We can understand most of it. Such a sweet little boy.

What's up with Ian? Oh my...he's growing up way too fast. Still as talkative as ever. He very clearly tells me that he's 4 1/2 now and that he'll soon be 5. He loves school. He's the only boy in his class. There is another K4 class that has 3 boys and the classes combine for the "special" classes (computer, Spanish, Music, Art and PE)...and of course recess. He still misses "Tezzie" his little friend from Day Schools. His writing is improving. He gets frustrated when he can't write something "perfectly". He wants to just stop. So, we're working on that. He's a smart little boy. He's still one of the most thoughtful little boys I've ever met. Last Sunday, I was home with a bug. Charlie and the boys went to church. When they got home, I was in bed and Ian came in and found me immediately. He hugged me and asked how I was feeling. Then he said "mommy, I told daddy we need to pray for you." Talk about a big lump in my throat. Later that day, it was nap time. Ian and I were lying in the bed and he said "mommy, can I pray for you?" of course I said "yes". He went on to say "Dear God, thank for all of our stuff and God please make my mommy feel better, Jesus name...Amen". From his mouth directly to the ears of God. I couldn't hold back the tears. So, so sweet. Now...that sweetness can turn foul in an instant. He has a very strong personality. He's a typical pre-schooler. He knows everything and wants everything instantly. He gets frustrated and his "sweet" little mouth gets him in trouble from time to time. I think that's probably the hardest thing for us to deal with for us....his mouth. He's very interested in the "Ian Story" and we talk about it almost daily. He doesn't really want to talk about how he got to the orphanage yet, but he loves hearing about how we came to get him. He can pretty much tell the story himself. He's still fascinated with anything with anything that has, trains, planes, bikes, etc. He makes us laugh daily and we truly are blessed with this little boy.

God has blessed us with these two sweet, wild, expressive little boys and we are so thankful. Even during the trying times, we cannot imagine our lives without these little miracles.


Julie & Patrick said...

I love hearing about your boys growing up. They sound like you have your hands full, but are loving it. I totally understand the non-stop talking as we have one of those too!!

Thanks for the update....glad that you are feeling better!

Julie R

Pam said...

Awesome update into the life of the Conner family! :) Been too long since we heard how those cutie pies are doing. I CANNOT believe that Ian will be 5 before we know it. Where did that time go?????? Hugs from the Hometown! :)

@nnie said...

my heart is so full looking at your pictures of your boys and hearing your stories of their adventures. Wow, what two little blessings you have.

Julie said...

Isn't it amazing how our lives have changed so much in a year. Love reading about the boys.

Anonymous said...

Loved hearing the update on your sweet and handsome boys.They are so precious and the pics were so cute.I especially loved the one of Drew running and trying to keep us with his big brother.

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the update!! I LOVE the pumpkin patch pictures!

NHP said...

My thoughts exactly... wondering about the looks when she is a teen! We mamma's think alike.

I love checking up on your family thorough the blog- the perks of the internet! PRECIOUS boys!!!

Have a great week- hope to see you all soon.