Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15th....Hmmm....

Is it too early to put the Christmas tree up? Again...I'm so very excited about the holiday season. Ian is getting excited too. He asked me yesterday if we were going to be able to put the Christmas tree in the living room since there's so much stuff in the floor? Hmmmmm....good question. So my response was....well, if you don't put your toys away we might not get to put the tree up. As of this are still all over the floor. :(

This morning, we were blessed to have Tony Campolo speak at our church. What an amazing speaker...preacher. He was inspiring and challenging. If you ever get the chance to see him in person, do will be touched, blessed, and motivated. I've been thinking about this for a while, but now I'm serious....I'm going to go on my first mission trip in 2010. I'm not sure where yet. Wherever God wants me to go. We have several opportunities coming up. I need to be in prayer about this and I need for you, my friends, to join me. I need to GO. I need to follow what God is telling my heart and GO!

The second part of this post doesn't seem to match the first part....but that's my world. Things don't always match up.


NHP said...

I have a tee-shirt that says GO on it. Make yourself one (even on an undershirt just write GO on it and wear it around for awhile) and let God -and the enemy- know you are serious about GOING!
I am excited for you. Its not like you are not a world traveler or anything (India and Vietnam) but you are right... so many of us who serve Christ do not take time away and just go. Its too hard, scary or we will miss our family to much.
But with great sacrifice is great reward! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

"Things don't always match up..." I am loving this : )

Julie & Patrick said...

Things not matching up...the story of a busy mom, I guess. Sometimes it's the socks...sometimes more important issues, but mom's somehow know how to keep it together!!

Can't wait to hear more about your upcoming opportunities.

I like the no room for a tree if we don't clean the room tactic...does it work on 3 year olds and daddies? :)

Julie R