Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Sweet Innocence of a Child

Children are so innocent. Many times when we're in the throws of parentng it's hard to remember just how innocent and sweet our children can be. Tonight was a big reminder for me.

My aunt, back in West Virginia, is very sick and probably dying. After I got off the phone with her care giver this evening. Ian had lots of questions. He's a very perceptive little boy. I explained to him that Vada is very, very sick. He asked "what happened to her?" I said "well, she has a bad heart." He quickly replied "I'll share my heart with her mommy, ok?" I had a huge lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. Such a sweet, innocent little guy. I love my Ian.

Thank you God for reminding me just how special this child is...every day....every way.


Leigh said...

There needs to be "like" buttons on blogs too!

jasonliberty said...

What a sweetie!


Julie & Patrick said...

very endearing!! and sorry to hear about your Aunt.

Julie R

Todd and Michele said...

What a wonderful boy! Their innocence is soooo precious. Miss you guys - really!


Pam said...

I'm so sorry about your aunt. I love Ian's heart. Micah is like that too. My grandfather is dying with Alhezimers, and our past trip to OH Micah just snuggled him and loved him....my boy doesn't have time for snuggles so it was a major deal. LOL! If you are headed this way to visit your aunt, please let me know...I'd LOVE to meet you!