Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's New

Wow...2 posts in a week...I'm on a roll.  Just a quick update before bed. 

Both kiddos are sleeping soundly right now in their own beds.  That's a topic for another post:)   It has been a eventful few weeks.  As with all families, summers are filled with lots of activities, birthday parties, celebrations, doctor visits, etc.  Our family is no different. 

Ian turned 6 this year (yikes).  At his check up with his pediatrician, he didn't do so well on his hearing test or his vision test.   Being the thorough pediatrician that Dr. Sood is, he recommended following up with our ENT (Dr. Vaidya) and an pediatric optometrist.  So, after my mind stopped swirlling around thinking of all of the possible reasons why he wasn't hearing or seeing well, I made the appointments.  Long story short, he does have significant hearing loss in his right ear.  The doctor said the tube was plugged up with wax and "gunk" and it would need to be removed.  After that, we would re-test his hearing and see if it improved.  If not, we'll do some additional testing.  He had surgery last Thursday to remove the tube.  It was a quick surgery, but Ian was NOT happy waking up at all.  It was rough.  But, we made it through.  We go back to see the doctor on July 25th.  In the mean time, we saw the pediatric optemetrist.  Ian is near sighted and has astigmatism in both eyes.  So, he's now sporting a cool pair of glasses.  He loves them so far. 

Drew....sweet Drew turns 4 this Sunday.  Wow...hard to believe.  He's our dramatic child.  He's a whiner.  Drama, drama, drama.  But, he's so loveable.  We had our dental check ups early in June.  6 months ago, Drew had one cavity and the dentist said we'd just need to keep an eye on it.  This little munchkin has a mouth full of cavities.  So many that he will have to be sedated to have all of the work done.  Lots of crowns, fillings, etc....ON BABY TEETH.  Oh my....with my fear of dentists, it's not going to be fun.  I'm trying really hard not to pass this fear of mine on to my boys.   We are getting a second opinion later this month.  With that much work, I want to know we're doing the right thing.


Julie & Patrick said...

Thanks for the updates Nadra. I can't believe how fast the boys are growing up. They are both adorable. Sorry to hear that they both have hurdles to overcome, but by the looks of the photos, nothing fazes them! Look at those huge smiles!!

Leveta said...

Ian does look vey grown up in his glasess and even more handsome.I can't believe Drew is 3.It seems like he just came home. Don't blame you on the 2nd opinion with Drew's teeth. I would do the same.I wish I had looked around for different orthodontist in our area.After we started going and paid a chunk of money we found out ours was the most expensive in the area.But we do like him so that is good.

Peter and Nancy said...

It's great to see the new photos, and your year in review! It will be good to see if Ian's ears improve at all with the cleaning . . . and I'm with you on the dentist stuff! *shudder* I would definitely get another opinion for such a young one. There's another Dillon mom whose daughter needed a lot of dental work, but I can't remember who. Good to hear from you!
(Anya Rashi's mama; mom to Aaron & Nathan, and waiting for another daughter from India)

Heather said...

Well, you know all about Sarah's teeth and her eyes, too. Now we have to use a patch for a while. Sarah has not been traumatized at all by the crowns in her mouth. She still likes the dentist. And, her eye doctor, too. Hope it all goes well!