Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The "Joys" of Daycare

As a mom, I find it difficult to put my children in daycare. But, as a two income family...one of those incomes has to come from me....so....daycare it is for the kiddos. Charlie has been back to work now for 5 weeks. The kids have been back in daycare for 5 weeks.

In that 5 week time span....well, this is week five...a lot has happened. Drew has been bitten 5 times (3 pretty badly) by the same child (that child has been removed from daycare now), has had an ear infection, a constant runny nose and now has Pink Eye. The doctor said it was a very, very mild case and should be cleared up in a few days. His eyes look a little red around them, but there's not "gunk" in them today.

Ian...he's fared much better. But, he now has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. What? Long story short...it's a virus that causes blisters / sores on...guess what?....Yep, hands, feet and mouth. Ian has a mild case, but his little right heel hurts and had a lot of little sores on it. He has one on his hand. From what I have read, it's pretty painful. Ian says it itches a lot and he lets us know when he's hurting. He hasn't slept well since Saturday night...translated....we haven't slept well either since Saturday night.

I feel so guilty, but what can I do? I have to work and I have to have some place to take my kids. I'd look for a new daycare, but with the exception of the biting, they're all pretty much the same. I'm so fortunate to work for a company that understands that I have small children and they get sick.

Drew has his 18 month check up tomorrow (a monthly over due because of the ear infection). When they were both at the doctor on Monday, Drew weighed 23 pounds and Ian weighed 32 pounds. Ian is getting so tall and skinny. He'll be 4 in just one more month. He is looking forward to his birthday party.


Julie & Patrick said...

I know how you feel Nadra, as we are in the same double-income boat as you. I hope that the daycare illnesses run their course and you will be done with it. That has been our experience, anyway. After a couple of months of pure agony there was a light at the tunnel's end and the illnesses went away.

It is hard not to beat yourself up over it. I just try and focus on the positive things in the new environment we are exposing to our children. Meeting friends and learning to be kind to them, respecting teachers, following rules, organized fun activities, learning manners...are all areas that are reinforcing what we are trying to teach at home. Most importantly, listen to your gut...if this particular place does not feel right, I'm sure a childcare where your beautiful guys can blossom is out there!!

Julie R

Sara said...


My kiddos had Hand, Foot & Mouth last summer - by far the worst things we have gone through ever so I totally understand!
I also understand the 2 income situation but I have recently found a great company that lets me work from home. Why don't you email me (saradrinkard@yahoo.com) - maybe it will be a solution for y'all too.
Hope Ian is feeling better soon!

Sara (waiting for Cole Debjit)

Chere' said...


I love following your blog. I saw Charlie on Monday at the doctors office as I was leaving with my sickie, Lizzie. I recognized him but didn't know if he would remember me...hang in there...like the above comments said, illness seems to come in spurts...hopefully you're getting out of it! Take good care..

Chere' Sammons

Natasha said...

So Sorry Sis! : (
No fun... keep pressing on!

Neil, Amy, Hillary Ashton & Sophie Le said...

Oh no! So sorry Nadra. I can only imagine how difficult this situation must be. Great news that the bitter has moved :o) I can't imagine anyone bitting sweet little Drew!

Heather said...

One of our boys had hand, foot, mouth when he was 3. It was HORRIBLE & I totally sympathize with you & him!!! Only you know what's best for your family & if both of you have to work, then so be it! Guilt has no home in a mother's heart...you are doing what is best for your family...be proud!

Hoping for well months ahead...
Heather M.

Willis said...

I'm so sorry your sweet boys have been sick. Daycare is a tough decision, but you have to provide for your family, too. We're so blessed that we have Jason's mom to watch Rocco. I wish there were some friend or family member who could watch your boys, too. Will keep you in my prayers.


Pam said...

Wish I lived closer...I would volunteer! Could you imagine! Ha! Micah, Ian, and Drew altogether all day long!! What fun those boys would have. What trouble they would find. What a mess the house would be! LOL!!!! ;)