Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Talking, talking, talking

It's never quiet at my house when the boys are awake. Ian is a TALKER. He loves to ask question after question. He's constantly coming up with something to say. Drew is starting to talk a little more. Of course, as Charlie reminded me, he doesn't have much of a chance since Ian talks all the time.

Some of my favorite moments recently with Ian.....

When he was sick last week...

Ian: Hey mommy...what's my sick called?
Me: What Ian?
Ian: What's my sick called?
Me: Ian, I don't understand. What are you talking about?
Ian: (in a very frustrated tone of voice)...Mommy, I'm SICK...what's it called?

Driving home from work and daycare the other day....

Ian: Hey mommy.
Me: Yes Ian.
Ian: Mommy you know what? I love you.

Then of course, now there's Drew. When he sees me...he laughs and giggles and runs toward me. Then I hear "uppa, uppa, uppa". He tries hard to say Ian...but it comes out "EEEEE....NA"....ok, close enough. When I changed his diaper last night I said "oooo, yuck". He flashed that sweet smile and said "oooo, guck".

I love my vocal little men. While it's never quiet....I love the sound of my boys. Warms this mommy's heart.


Julie & Patrick said...

If we could only capture every cute thing they say and the way it comes out! I totally understand the non-stop questions too. Hopefully Drew will get a word in edge wise, some day :)

Ian sounds like he keeps you on your toes for sure!!

Julie R

Julie said...

You're boys are just too cute. Bennett is really starting to talk a lot. Not all words but lots of babbling and screeching. Never a dull moment but loving every minute of it.