Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's Going On?

What's going on? Good question. I ask myself that many times a day now it seems. Let's back up to Mother's Day.

Mother's Day was great. I am so blessed to have two little boys who call me mommy and one big boy who calls me...well we won't go there (but it's all good). Lots of hugs and kisses on Mother's Day. Ian enjoyed telling me about 50 times "Happy Mother's Day" Mommy. So sweet. Mother's Day is tough for me (see previous post). But not just because of my mom...but because I know that there are two other young women who won't get to celebrate Mother's Day with my two precious little men. Even though I'm a bit selfish and Mother's Day is about me...my mind still drifts to the birth mothers of Ian and Drew.

How are my boys? Another good question. Ian is great. Doing well in Pre-K and loving it almost every day. On the way home in the car I usually get to hear about his day and how this one or that one is his best friend...or not his friend at all. It changes almost daily. He's picking up some words that I'm not too fond of for a four year old. Tonights word...stupid. That was a new one. His best friend "Tezzie" taught him that. It seems like sweet little Tezzie teaches him lots of things. Tezzie has two older brothers, so I'm not surprised. Ian has his 4 year old check up next week and he'll see the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist too. His tubes never fell out of his ears, so Dr. Vaydia will have to remove them and possibly put a new set in. Fun, fun, fun.

Speaking of ears....that's a great segway to Drew. Last Thursday was Drew's day. He has tubes put in his ears and his adenoids removed. I knew it would be different from Ian's experience for a couple of reasons...one, more was done and two...Drew's more dramatic than Ian. I was right. Drew was a little trooper though before the surgery. He got right into the Tigger hospital gown. Sat in the chair like a big boy and walked around while he could. Dr. Vaydia came in to see us prior to the surgery, shook Charlie's hand, then my hand...then sweet Drew put his little hand out for him to shake his. Too cute. Shortly after that they gave him his goofy juice. He rode around in wagon until it was time for him to go to surgery. His little face had this glazed over look. After the surgery, we met with the doctor. Everything went as expected. In a little bit (like 5 minutes) they asked us to come to the recovery room. Drew was awake and screaming (to be expected). But as I imagined...it was much worse than Ian's experience. I was able to calm Ian down pretty quickly when he had his surgery...but not Drew. He cried and screamed and screamed. So, so sad. He's so strong. I thought I was going to drop him a couple of times. He wouldn't let Charlie hold him at all. He finally calmed down some and we headed home. He cried all the way to the pharmacy. Charlie drove around for a minute while I went in the store for a few things. He had a pretty rough weekend and so did I. He was so clingy. I couldn't get out of this sight or he'd cry. I know he's been in pain. We've tried to stay ahead of the pain, but with a little one it's hard to gauge. He's doing better this evening. Hopefully he'll sleep better tonight.

Charlie and I are doing well. Both of us have had sinus / allergy stuff going on. It's just that time of year.

We're getting geared up for Vietnam Family Weekend and India Heritage Camp. Both are in June. I'm excited because Ian will actually get to be a "camper" at India Camp this year. Vietnam Family Weekend is sure to be a blast. I'm lucky to be working on the planning committee for Vietnam Family Weekend. We have a great committee and have had so much fun planning. I can't wait to see everyone.

So...now you have it....that's pretty much what's going on in our world. Pictures soon....I promise.


Julie & Patrick said...

We have had the word "stupid" come up too, unfortunately. Thank you little friends...

So sorry you have had a rough go. Hopefully, now both boys will be healthy for awhile with the help of the tubes!!

How fun that you live close and can attend all the special activities at dillon. Can't wait to hear about them!

Julie R

Rhonda said...

Isn't Dr. Vaydia great? He just did sinus surgery on my husband, Jarad. He has such a great "bedside manner". Love him!

Glad that Drew is recovering well.

Peter and Nancy said...

I hope you get some better sleep now, with the surgery and infections behind you. I was having awful flashbacks of my son Nathan's surgery when he was 10 months old . . . it's so hard when they don't quite "get" what's happening. Happy belated Mother's Day!
-- Nancy (Anya Rashi's mama)

Willis said...

Wish we could come to Vietnam Heritage week. That's our VBS week at church, though. And since we live in GA it'd be awfully hard getting there. Be sure to post lots of pictures!

Heather said...

Oh poor guy! I hope he is doing better now! It was so hard to watch C go into surgery! Is he back in 'school' yet? Hoping you will see a change in the # of ear infections.
See you in a couple of weeks!

Heather M.