Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Best Friends

This evening we were watching the movie "Cars" for the one millionth time I think. Ian loves that movie and now Drew does too. Ian goes in spurts where he'll recite some of the dialogue. Lately it's been Mater lines. The other evening I said "Ian, what did I say about such and such?"...he quickly replied "ta not to". I almost laughed out loud, but I refrained.

Tonight as we were watching the part where Mater tells Lightin McQueen..."I knew I'd made a good choice"...Lightin says "in what?"...Mater responds "my best friend". I asked Ian if he knew who may best friend is and he said no. So I told him it was his Daddy. Without missing a beat he says "Mommy...do you know who my best friend is? It's Drew...and Jesus....yep Jesus...cause I love all the little children". Oh my...tears, tears, tears. So sweet. Moments like these just make me want to stand up and praise God for the absolutely amazing gift he gave us in Ian.

A little later this evening I was getting the boys pajama's while they were in the bathtub. Ian says "hey mommy....Matthew 19:14...."and Jesus said 'Let the little children come to me'....that' my Bible verse Mommy". Tears again. It's been a very weepy evening for me...I'm crying now as I type this. :)

My prayer is that Jesus is always his best friend!


Kim said...

Now I have tears. That is incredibily sweet. God is so good

Daniel and Jamie said...

That is so sweet. We love the Cars movie around here too. We're on our second copy. :)

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! Such a testimony to the Christian teaching he is getting at home and at your church.

jasonliberty said...

I'm with Ian and Drew! I love Cars!! I too am wiping tears:-)