Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drew - One Year Later

We had a full day yesterday. Played in the park yesterday morning followed by a picnic lunch at the Jones Airport watching airplanes take off and land. The boys had so much fun (and so did we). Here are just a few of the pics from our day. Look at those eye lashes. I have two beautiful boys that have the most gorgeous eyes.

For the 4,999th time today....what's that? His favorite question right now.


Heather said...

Very sweet & it sounds like a wonderful day! Our boys always loved a little park in AL. where the planes would fly over since the airport was so close! Brings back memories.

Thanks for your note too about C & her ulcers. I think she does have the virus....I am watching her this weekend...if it doesn't start to turn around, I'll take her on Mon. to the dr. (all the dr.s in the ped. clinic were booked for sat.! Must be something going around!)

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY DREW!!! You were watched & waited & prayed for by so many!!! So glad you are home!

Heather M.

Julie & Patrick said...

Love the eyelash shot! I hope the boys appreciate those lashes the we girls would die for :)

Sounds like a fun day with the kids!!

Julie R