Thursday, October 30, 2008

15 Month Check Up

Today, we went for Drew's 15 month check up. He's such a little trooper. He loves Dr. Sood and loves his office. Well, so far he's loved everything. Today was a shot day, so he wasn't real happy for a few seconds. Those shots are a booger. I just hated the look on his little face that went from really happy to really mad in 0.2 seconds. He turned red as a beet and screamed until I could pick him up. Then he stuck that little bottom lip out and cried (for my benefit I'm sure) for about 10 seconds.

He's doing great. Growing and right on track developmentally (actually a little ahead in some areas). He weighs 22.4 pounds and is 30 1/4 inches tall. My big little boy. He's in the 20th percentile in weight and 30th in height. My "little" Vietnamese baby is not so little. However, his 12 month jeans were falling off of him. My kids and their little waists and butts.

He'll go back in a month for his flu shot booster and for an ear wax removal. His little ears have a lot of wax in them. I have to put drops in them twice a day to soften it up and then we'll have it taken out in a month. Charlie gets to take him to that appointment. :)

Looking forward to tomorrow. We're actually taking the boys to the Dillon office tomorrow afternoon in their Halloween costumes. AND we're doing our second post placement visit tomorrow. After all of that fun, we're heading to our church for the Fall Festival. Ian has loved it the past 2 years and I can't wait for Drew to experience it. Afterwards, we're going to Ian's school for their Fall Festival. My kids will never go to bed tomorrow night. Yikes.

I'll post Halloween pictures sometime this weekend.


lori said...

Such handsome boys you have! I'm really looking forward to the costume photos :) Happy Halloween!

Willis said...

Rocco has a little bootie, too. I guess you have a hard time finding pants like us. He's too tall for the pants that actually fit him in the waist. Drew is a big boy though! Rocco is finally about 25 pounds and he is 2 1/2.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Sounds like you have plenty of fun events to attend!


Julie & Patrick said...

What a busy weekend ahead...but it sounds like it is jammed with lots of fun!

Glad to hear Drew is doing so well.

Julie R

Valerie said...

We hope to see you tonight at church! What time will you guys be there? Henry was asking about Ian just today!

Julie said...

Drew is getting so big. Sorry about the shots. That's no fun.

Have a great halloween!!!

Our Family said...

I am glad things went well with his checkup! He is such a cutie!!