Saturday, October 4, 2008


Brothers sitting still....what's up with that?
Not as sweet as it looks...Ian just didn't like Drew being on his bike :)
Bath time fun
Our handsome Indian Prince
OK....I've had enough of pictures for today :)

These boys are amazing. They both LOVE being outside and this evening was a perfect evening for it. It's fall and we love this time of year.

Ian is adjusting to his new pre-school beautifully. We get glowing reports every day. He's quite the little charmer. He also loves going to Mission Friends at church on Wednesday evenings. This past Wednesday, during chapel time, they were talking about Missionaries who are in Utah. They asked the kids "are they in Mexico"....."no"...."are they in India?"....Ian promptly stands up and says "I'm from India". He's very proud of the fact that he's from India. He has started saying, "I'm Ian Everett Kushal Conner. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma City" (ok, close enough)." At his new pre-school (Southpark Christian School), they have chapel time each week. They have a bible memory verse....yes for 3 year learn each month. This month it's Psalm 18:30...As for God, His way is perfect. Tonight after dinner Charlie said, let's practice your memory verse. Ian said "I do it, I do it....As for God, His way is perfect....Psalm 18:30". WOW...double WOW. He's only been working on it this week. Very proud of my little man.

Drew is doing better. Still teething and still somewhat miserable...but it's better than it was. He's becoming quite vocal. Jabbering a lot more. Saying a few words. He listens very well right now. He's a great eater. His bed time routine is getting better and better. He wakes up one time for a bottle and then goes back to sleep. Of course, if he's having a bad teething's nuts. He is attaching beautifully to both Charlie and I. He still prefers mommy if he's upset, but he will let Charlie comfort him too. If I'm not around...he settles down with Charlie. But if he sees or hears me....all bets are off. He wants his mommy! While it's wonderful, there are times when I need to attend to Ian.'s getting late. Ian has Soccer tomorrow and Drew and I are going to Natasha's baby shower. Sunday is a special day for our stay tuned for pictures!

As for God, His way is perfect. Psalm 18:30


Willis said...

Those boys are the cutest brothers I've ever seen. My how blessed you are! I love reading your blog and seeing the latest happenings in your lives. Your joy really shows in every entry.


Donna said...

The boys are just perfect! I am SO in love with them :) Ian is so stinkin' cute and what a great memory! I am glad that Drew is doing much better and attaching well to ya'll. One of these days his teeth will be all done (by the time he's 3?hehe) and his personality will really come out!

Leigh said...

I feel your teething pain! WB never had it this bad. DG is a totally different cranky, so miserable...but still sleeping well so we have a lot to be thankful for.

The boys are precious! Love all the pictures!

Heather said...

Caleigh is teething too...she's cutting teeth out of order & I just noticed tonight that she has cut one of her upper eye teeth! Crazy. The boys look like they are enjoying playing in the yard...this is my favorite time of year too! Have fun with your little guys. I miss our boys being that age. :(

Heather M.