Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Tonight Ian surprised me, yet again, by one of his enlightening conversations. We were sitting in the living room enjoying our evening. Drew was playing and running around. Ian was sitting beside me enjoying some apple juice. Out of the blue....completely...out of the blue...

"Mommy, the next time you go to Vietnam to get a baby brother, I'm going with you".

I know I must have had a shocked look on my face. Where in the world did this come from? Who even thought he'd actually remember us going to Vietnam and leaving him here?

I said "Ian, we're not going to Vietnam any time soon and we're not going to get any more babies."

His eyes widened and he smiled from ear to ear and said "So we're only getting one baby? For real mommy?"

Astonished, I said "yes, Drew is the only other baby we're going to get"

Ian looked over at Drew and said "Did you hear that Drew...we're not having any more babies".

Honestly, I am floored sometimes by the way his little mind works. It bothers me to think that he may have been dwelling on the fact that we'd leave him again to go get another baby. He had a hard time while we were gone, but he loves Marcia and Bill so much. I'm reminded quite often that Marcia is the "good Mommy" and I'm the "bad Mommy." He's such a little stinker sometimes. I do love my Ian though.


Julie & Patrick said...

I guess we don't give these little guys enough credit for thinking big thoughts, huh? Very cute that he had it all thought out...

They grow up so fast!
Julie R

Willis said...

He is a deep thinker indeed. Who knows. . . maybe you will get another baby. But for now you have the 2 cutest boys in the world. . . excluding Rocco of course :)