Monday, June 8, 2009

Another talker?

Oh my...we may have another talker on our hands. It seems that since Drew's ear surgery a few weeks ago, he's trying to talk more and more. Things are sounding more like real words instead of grunts. He's been saying momma, da-da, ee-na (Ian), baby, dog, hamma (shamma), zo (rizzo), up, nie nie (night night) and other for quite some time. In recent days here are some of the new Drew speak...

kirkle - circle
qurrel - squirel
onge - orange
cup - cup
diapder - diaper
helcopter - helicopter
choo-choo - self explanatory
bok - book
muk - milk
jeece - juice
nanna - banana
that mine - hmmmm, I wonder where he's heard that?
I poo-poo....

and my favorite...

aaafly - butterfly (written doesn't do it just have to hear him say it.)

Also....we're on night number 4 without a bottle. So far, so good. I'm shocked. It just happened. I'm not sure why, but it just did. He hasn't even asked for it. He still gets his sippy cup with milk in it before bed, but no bottle. Wow. Wonder if potty training will be that easy for him? :) OK...a mom can dream.


The Labontes said...

So great to hear that he's making such strides! I love the chatter of children :)

Julie & Patrick said...

Wow!! Sounds like the world of verbal communication has just exploded for Drew! How wonderful!!

Julie R

Tracy said...

That's so cute!! I can almost hear him saying the words! I love when children start talking. It is so precious and funny sometimes.


Jeff Lane said...

Hi Nadra! I have enjoyed reading your blog. I found it once before and was blessed by your reports. I would love to hear from you and Charlie! Please contact me at and let's catch up! We will keep you and your family in our prayers.


Jeff Lane
Marshall University Class of 1986

Todd and Michele said...

He seems like such a happy boy! And Ian - how cute - love his smile. I really hope that some day soon we get these kiddos together.