Friday, June 26, 2009

India Heritage Camp - Day One

Yesterday was the first day of India Camp. This year, Ian is old enough to be an actual camper. He was a little apprehensive about things, but once we arrived...he was fine. Then as soon as he saw Mia...all was well with the world. Mia and Ian were crib mates in the orphanage in Kolkata. They are so stinkin' cute together. They laughed, ran and played a lot until it was time for the groups to go to their classrooms.

Ian and Mia are in the "Mango" group this year. When their names were called, they walked hand in hand to the front and waited for their teacher. I didn't get a picture, but as they were standing there waiting, Ian put his arm around Mia. So sweet.

While the kids were in class, I was able to spend some time with Angie (Mia's Mom) and her mom Julie. It was great to catch up without the kids in the background needing immediate attention.
After lunch, I ran a few errands and then headed home for a little while. Charlie picked Ian up from camp. Ian was excited to see his daddy and tell him all about his activities.
One of the Dillon staff made a comment on my facebook page last night. She said that they "made American Idol microphones in arts and crafts today in honor of Anoop Desai. Ian took his and treated everyone to a great rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." I had to laugh out loud when I read that. Ian really gets in to his Twinkle Twinkle song from time to time so it's hard to tell what he actually did.

He was quite tired last night but he was looking forward to day 2 of camp. When I asked him what his favorite part of India Camp was he said "seeing Mia." How sweet.

More updates tomorrow...or maybe later tonight. Lots of pictures so far on Facebook.


The Labontes said...

He sounds very charming :)
Can't wait to join you at India camp.

Tracy said...

Sooo sweet! How nice for him to be able to have a relationship with Mia. They are so adorable together. I'm going to have to head over to Facebook to check out the pictures.


Anne said...

Wow, what a fabulous experience for Ian!

Peter and Nancy said...

Thanks for posting about camp! It will be 2 more years until Anya Rashi is old enough to participate, so it's fun to have a look at what happens there. :o)
-- Nancy