Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vietnam Family Weekend - Day One

Today, well actually yesterday (Friday), in Tulsa was a crazy day. Our morning started out a little cloudy. Less than 2 hours later....BOOM...major thunderstorms, tornado watches, heavy rain. But, in true Oklahoma fashion...the storms were over almost as quickly as they began. Then it was just plain sticky hot.

After a couple of hours of set up time this afternoon, we were ready to head out to Vietnam Family Weekend. When we arrived, we saw Shelley, Brian, Zoe and Sam. How cool it was to FINALLY meet Shelley face to face. We've talked via Internet for over a year. Sam ran up to me and gave me a hug. I'm pretty sure he remembered Drew from the orphanage. He's as cute as he can be.

We made our way inside. So many people. We are so excited to have over 200 people this year. That is amazing.

As I walked around, I saw so many people that I "know". This blogging stuff has it's perks. I was walking across the room and I heard "Nadra"....I turned around and there was Scarlett with her precious Dillon. I remember holding him at the orphanage. He's so cute and he has a great tan right now. I'm so jealous. He and Drew looked at each other for a second and then they were off. Cute little Ninh Thuan boys.

Little Caleigh was sitting ever so pretty on the steps of the stage. She's adorable folks. Ruth was there with Izzy all the way from San Francisco. Kathy and Adam are here from New Jersey. It took them 18 hours to get here because of the bad weather in Dallas yesterday. The Lloyd family had a change in plans due to the Dallas weather as well. Instead of flying, they drove all the way from College Station. I finally got to meet Kim and Isaac. Kim was so sweet to send me some pictures while we waited for Drew. She traveled in December 07 to pick up Isaac and had several pictures of Drew as well as some video. It helped me get through those long days as we waited.

The Dragon Dancers performed. My boys were mesmerized. It was truly entertaining.

The kids went off for their activities and then it was time for the parents to just sit around and chat....without the kids....for about an hour. Well...there were lots of little almost 2 year olds that didn't like that plan. Poor little Drew didn't make it. He cried and they had to bring him to momma. Other little ones were brought in one by one. Some were real troupers...but some were tired and wanted their families.

Tomorrow there are lots of activities for the kids, a great Vietnamese lunch and then Kim Lan Carlson will be speaking at the parent workshop. I've posted some pictures on Facebook and I'll try to post some here tomorrow night.

Jill, Julie, Dianna....I miss you guys. You'll be here with us next year.


Jill and Andy said...

I am so jealous.. wish we could have been there. I promise you will see us next year Nadra.

Tracy said...

Thanks for posting pictures and sharing a little of the weekend activities. We sure would have liked to have been there. Hopefully next year will work out. Can I add you as a friend of Facebook/