Sunday, November 9, 2008

1 + 1 = FIVE

Odd, right? Nope...truth. One child is ONE child.....add one to it....and you have FIVE. Crazy, I know...but it's real. I never thought having 2 children would be THAT much different. I'll admit it....I was wrong. Maybe it's just having 2 boys. They are WILD. Charlie calls Drew the "one man wrecking crew". The house can be perfectly (well not perfectly) clean and in 5 minutes it looks like a disaster zone. The laundry these two boys produce is amazing. Who changes their clothes....oh wait...that would be me. One needs to be comforted, one needs to be scolded, one needs to be played with, one needs to go to the goes on an on. I'm not complaining...just posting so all of my friends who are expecting their second child (Donna...Mary....) will not be able to say that no one warned them. Consider yourselves warned. Having two children will make you work like you've never worked'll laugh like you've never laughed and love like you've never loved. Frustrating and FABULOUS all rolled up into one.

Say a special prayer for Ian this week. He's having some potty issues and they're causing BIG problems for him. Hoping and praying we'll have a breakthrough this week.

Drew's had some sort of bug all weekend. Low grade fever and lots of dirty diapers. It hasn't slowed him down much though. Where did I find him when I went back in the living room after my trip to the bathroom yesterday morning? Standing in the kitchen with the pets water dish on his head. Taking a shower I suppose.

Ahhhhhh.....the party continues. I'm going to bed!


Dianna said...

Nadra, could you please email me? I have no idea why I can never find your email address... Argh!


Amy said...

Omg Nadra, I SO agree. Yesterday was an awesome day, and today I feel like I might go stick my head in the pond - just for a short break. :)
You are NOT kidding. You can't sit down for a second can u! Potty/feeding/diapers/fighting/feeding/play/hold/potty/feeding/dr mommy/fighting/feeding/andonandonandon.
It IS truly amazing and wonderful.. but at the same time, it is soo exhausting. Thank god for preschool!!
Nice to commiserate - can't wait to finally meet your family someday!

Heather said...

It is so true...especially with boys. What two can get into is five fold what one can think up! Wait until they get older....they will occupy one another's days & be the best of friends! You will love it! One day at a time while they are this age is truly a struggle some days to make it! I hope the potty training issues are resolved soon. The day they stop telling you that they are going to the bathroom is a day to celebrate!

Heather M.
Blake, Bryce & Caleigh's mom