Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I love the Friday after Thanksgiving. I was up and out of the house at 3:30am this morning. Unfortunately it was raining and I'm a bit of a wimp. So, I stopped at Quik Trip for some coffee and then headed to Toys R Us. There were only about 2 dozen people in line, so I decided to stay put in the car for a little while. I finally got in line about 4:15am (for a 5:00am opening). It was great. I went in, found everything I needed and was on the road again by 5:25am.

Next stop....Target. I pulled into the parking lot at 5:45am. The line was LONG. So I made the long trek to the end of the line. Fortunately soon after there were lots of people behind me so I didn't feel so bad. Found exactly what I was looking for and headed out around 6:20am.

Next stop....Walmart. By far the craziest of the stops. Found what I needed though, so I was a happy girl. I was on the road by 7:20am.

Next stop....breakfast.

Next :( I made it to work around 7:40am.

I'm taking a short lunch break now and then hoping to be finished early. Then, I'll have to decide if I "need" to stop somewhere else on my way home!!!


erinstepstones said...

You shoppers crack me up. That is die hard!! I rolled out of bed around 8:00 and staggered to my laptop for some Black Friday on-line shopping from the comfort of my own bed. Probably not quite as good a deal as you got I'm sure. But I'll take it. lol

So are you done with shopping totally?

Leigh said...

Good for you! I always say that I'm gonna do that since I always have Black Friday off; however, my general laziness takes over and I always hit SNOOZE!

Come Christmas Eve, I'll wish I'd followed your plan!

Heather said...

You're insane, girl!!!! (Sounds like fun, though.)

Annie said...

I am totally, totally impressed with your shopping schedule. I am actually amazed that it went so well. Maybe I should try it next year... well... on second thought, my bed felt pretty comfy this year! :)

Lisa said...

All that before a full day of work?! That's insane! But I'm so jealous of your good deals!!