Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving...a day later

After my Black Friday post, I decided I need to post a little about our Thanksgiving. It was our first as a complete "Party of Four". What a great day. I always tend to stress a wee bit...just trying to get everything done....and of course, it has to be perfect. Or so my mind tells me. It's never perfect, but I always think it can be.

The day started like a normal day in our running around, playing and screaming. Love it! Ian tried to help me put the turkey in the oven, but there were too many sharp objects and hot ovens to allow much help. But, he thought he was helping.

We ate a little later than normal due to nap schedules. Finally it was time to eat. Drew loved his meal. Of course, we haven't found much that Drew doesn't like to eat. Ian loved the corn casserole and bread. He had a few bites of turkey. My picky eater.

Ian proudly proclaimed "you're a good cooker mommy." What better praise is there?

Our talented little Ian taught us a new song a few months back and we sang it today before our Thanksgiving meal.
"Let's be Thankful,
Let's be Thankful,
Let's be Glad,
Let's be Glad,
For the many blessings,
For the many blessings,
That we have,
That we have."

That sums it up perfectly I think. We are so blessed and so thankful. We have the 2 most amazing, handsome and loving boys in the world. God blessed us with this wonderful family, with one another and with Jesus and we are so very thankful. The innocence of a 3 year old can bring strong men to their knees. We love our boys, we love one another and we love our God.


Donna said...

Happy Thanksgiving guys!!! I love it when Ryan reminds me of what I am thankful for!

Heather said...

So very thankful indeed!!! You have a beautiful family & I think traveling abroad has really given me a thankful heart for living in the USA!

Heather M