Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dancing With The Stars...Conner Style

The boys were in rare form tonight. I don't know what was funnier....the dancing or the jumping jacks. Either way...it was enough for a fun evening.
Considering the day was pretty rough for Drew, the evening turned out pretty well. Drew went to the doctor today for the second part of his flu shot and to have some wax removed from his ears. Good news....the wax seems to have disappeared, so no traumatic ear cleaning. Bad news...he was wheezing. So he's now on breathing treatments 4 times a day for 2 days and then 3 times a day through the weekend. He HATES them. But, after the third one tonight he settled down a little. Poor little guy. On top of the wheezing....he has an ear infection. So, 10 more days of antibiotics. It's the season, I suppose.
Couple of quick prayer requests....1) Our Vietnam travel buddies, the Perkins. Layne Nhi is having her dental surgery tomorrow (Tuesday). Please pray for this sweet little girl. She's such a trouper. 2) The Perrymans....hopefully some good news will come in the next few days and they'll be on their way to Vietnam to meet their sweet Nehemiah. 3) The Borskis (our India Travel buddies)...they are waiting for their son's passport to be issued so they can go to India to pick him up. They were caught, along with us, in the 6 week delay in issuing passports the last time. Praying that it's done very quickly and that they'll be in India very soon. 4) The Stouders....Bennett's family....they leave on Friday to travel to Vietnam. They've waited a YEAR for this date. Praying that their journey and transition are smooth.

Also...update on Daddy school....all are still ALIVE (which is a good thing). Charlie is managing well. I'm hoping he'll post SOON.


Anonymous said...

They are such hams! My boys don't like to dance and I usually just end up making a fool out of myself trying to get them to. lol

Julie said...

They are just too cute.

And thank you so much for the support. Can't believe we are actually leaving in a few days.

The Hills said...


Your sweet boys!! They are getting so big!! I havent been able to get online in a long time. Drew has really grown!

God's blessings to you all and Happy Thanksgiving!