Friday, September 26, 2008

Best Date...well...almost

Today, I had a date with my little man Ian. I picked him up from school around 11:30. Our plans were to have lunch, get a car (for him, not for me), and then do whatever he wanted to do. So, we changed our plans around a little....getting the car first. Then Ian chose pancakes for lunch so we went to IHOP. After lunch, I asked him what he wanted to do and he said "are we on our date mommy?" Well, heck yeah we were!

He decided he wanted to go to the park. Surprise, surprise. We headed to a park and I knew where we'd plant ourselves for a while....on the swings. But, he surprised me. He climbed up the "HUGE BIG STEPS" to the "HUGE BIG SLIDE" and slid down. He was so proud of himself. He climbed around for a while and then he wanted to swing. I pushed him on the swing for about 45 minutes. He talked and laughed the whole time. Just such sweet, innocent fun. Then he wanted to climb some more. He got part of the way up the rock wall and decided he was scared, so he came back down. Then he climbed up the "HUGE BIG STEPS" to the "HUGE BIG SLIDE' and came down again.

It was quite hot, so we left to get some water. He held my hand as we were going in the store and said "I'm having fun on our date, are you mommy?" Absolutely little man...absolutely.


chpsgrl said...

Nadra: That is so to all...


Teressa said...

I followed your blog during your travel and just checked it again today. Its nice to hear your boys are doing so well. If you have time, can you please email me? I would like to discuss the 9/21 blog since we are in a very similar situation.

Elaine said...

Awwww!That is so sweet! I am kind of choked up. Exuse me while I go call my son's!