Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Post Placement Visit & Other Stuff

Today we had our first post placement visit. You know, I guess it's because it's our second adoption...but we were not stressed at all for this one. We sat around and talked with Rebecca for nearly 2 hours. Of course, the boys "entertained" while we talked. Ian was a hoot all evening. He gave Rebecca lots of hugs and made a new friend with the Social Work intern that came along. He's not shy when he's in his home. Two more post placement visits and then we'll re-finalize Drew's adoption and legally change his name to Drew. Woo, hoo!!

Drew did well too. He had to run to mommy a couple of times for re-assurance that all was well with the world....but that's a normal thing for him. We are so proud of the strides he's made so far. He's come a long way. Still has some sleep issues, but we think that's due to the evil teething monster. Hopefully things settle down soon.

We're enrolling Ian in a new school. He'll start there in 2 weeks. The class size is so much smaller and their curriculum is much better. We think he's going to love it and excel there. Some friends of our have their girls there and he'll love getting to see them on a regular basis. He'll miss his friend Tezzie though. They're tight. He tells me almost every day "Tezzie's my best friend." On the other days...he says "Tezzie's not my friend mommy." Of course, we've noticed if Ian gets mad at you..."you're not my friend" is the first thing out of his little mouth. Five minutes later, when he wants something "you're my friend, OK mommy?". The logic and mind of a 3 year old amaze me.

OK...Drew's settled back down and I'm going back to bed.

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