Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Whined Too Much

Vietnam adoption....actually International adoption not for the faint of heart. It seems like both of our adoptions were filled with lots of bumps in the road causing us delay after delay. I whined, cried, got angry, and whined some more. But, all I wanted were my boys.

Most of you may know that Vietnam adoptions to US families have stopped again as of September 1st. That makes me very, very sad. There are several families out there whose dreams are never going to come true and there are countless children in Vietnam that will never have the love of a forever family. All because a few people are so corrupt. We are so very glad that we were with such an ethical agency, Dillon International. We never questioned their integrity in either India or Vietnam. They are well respected in all countries they work in.

But, some things are out of Dillon's control. Our delays were not something Dillon could have anticipated or helped. They were caused by a number of things out of our control. Now, 2 families that I've grown very close to during our Vietnam process are being delayed yet again. Both families have been subject to the new DNA guidelines set forth by the US Consulate in Vietnam. Both of their kiddos were relinquished by their birth mothers and now the US is requiring a DNA test. Sounds simple enough...but it's a nightmare. First, the Dillon staff in Vietnam has to find the birth mother and THEN get her to agree to the test. Second, they have to have the test done in Ho Chi Minh City. Third, both the birth mother and the baby have to go. IT'S INSANE.

Julie and Scarlett both need our thoughts are prayers right now. They have waited way, way too long for their little guys to come home. Bennett (Julie's son) and Dillon (Scarlett's son) are from the same orphanage as Drew. We were blessed to see these little guys up close when we were in Ninh Thuan. They just need to come home.

When I look back at all of my whining and crying, I'm not going to say it was unnecessary...but if I were in the shoes of Julie and Scarlett....I'd be losing my mind. I know that Jynger (at Dillon) is so grateful that we did not have to go through this part of the insanity.

Julie and Scarlett....I am thinking about you guys and praying for you daily. You are strong, strong women. I know you must be mentally exhausted. We are there for whine, cry, get mad, throw things....whatever you need. As adoptive parents, we all know the struggles and we all stand for one another when we think we just can't stand alone anymore. You were both there for me and now it's my turn.


Lisa said...

Well said, Nadra. I guess I'll stop whining about not getting new pictures last week! I hope Scarlet and Julie get through this soon so they can get those boys home...and so I can whine again with a clear conscience!

The Hills said...

Praising my God for you, Nadra. I am definitely feeling your prayers. The journey of adoption is so very beautiful even through the tears.
God's blessings,

Julie said...

You're the best. It's been a rough road and having your support has meant a lot.