Thursday, September 11, 2008

Raindrops On Animals and Train Rides For Boys

We went to the Zoo tonight for the members only special party. It would have been super-d-duper great if it hadn't rained. We had a really good time, but it rained off and on. We were able to go "behind the scenes" and see the animals up close. Ian even touched a snake (yikes!). Drew was just mesmerized. It was his first time there. His little eyes were wide open the entire time. They both were a little tired when we got hom. So, they're both sleeping soundly right now. Shouldn't have typed that...Drew will probably wake up soon. He's been down for about 3 it's time. :)


cupfar said...

Can I just tell you - what a cutie he is?? It's so funny because all of Drew's early pictures, his hair was sticking up or crew cut like.. and he's a real boy with hair!! He's got that cute little face that just makes you forget anything is wrong with the world or the long wait you had to endure before getting him!

Beautiful family Nadra! Thanks for all your tips!

Julie said...

You guys are just having way too much fun :-)

The Labontes said...

The Zoo looks like SO much fun! I love drew's shirt BTW.